NOTE: NO ONE will call you from Microsoft or your Internet Provider so just politely tell them “No thank you and hang up.”


Text the Word “Help” to (979) 417.2505 or click on the word TEXT to email a text message and I will return text to get all your information. This feature is available during 24/7 but you might not receive a return message until the next business day. If this is a emergency call and needs a quick reply please add “911” to the text. Emergency Fees may apply.

PC Doc Consulting, LLC.

is a leading service provider in Fayette and surrounding counties. I don't just do computer repair. I specialize in Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Hardware Diagnostics, Wire/Wireless Networking, and many other technology related services for residential and business customers throughout Central Texas, both remotely on-line and at my office. At PC Doc Consulting, LLC. my focus is always on providing quality computer related services at affordable prices in a quick fashion. Since our inception in 2000, I have built an exceptional reputation and have expanded both my services and service area to better serve the computer needs of central Texas. Click on the Services tab above to see a list of my most common Services.

Can’t or don’t want to disconnect computer?

Don't go through the hassle of dragging your computer into the shop! PC Doc provides a comprehensive Remote Computer Repair service. From computers up the road to across the world, PC Doc can remotely log into your computer, diagnose the problem, and resolve it, all while you site back, relax, and watch me repair your computer headaches. All you need is an active Internet connection and I can do the rest. This can be done while you watch or go on with your normal daily routine.
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Web Design

Do you really have time to mess with one of those self-serve DIY tools, like Wix? There’s a reason 98% of their customers quit without ever launching a site. And can you trust your business image to a low- cost local IT person who “also does websites,” or some budget/bulk provider using old school templates? Now you can get top quality, custom website design with the entire process handled for you by a full Agency team, but for 80- 90% lower cost than typical Agency services.
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